Soul Skinned Alive

Depression is your soul, skinned alive and salted. Salt cannot be neutralized only diluted. So dilute, with whatever liquid or herbal agent is at hand. The pain lessens… your dissolution accelerates. It is said that light and love (usually in mass-produced capsule form) can wash the corrosive residue off your flayed psyche. For a price. What no one ever tells you And no pill bottle label ever shows you Is that each pill, Each so-called miracle cure, Is a tiny mirror Reflecting your agony Back to yourself.

Vlad Skaletsky, Jr.

A Photographic Journey

Sara in LaLaLand

Welcome to my world.

Killing Me Softly: Emotional & Psychological Abuse

Now that physical abuse is in the limelight and punishable by law, abusers have resorted to more insidious forms of control. The effects are just as destructive, more enduring, and more difficult to overcome.

Musings from the Soul

Writing for conscious living


"A Dream Within a Dream"

Deep Purple

"A Dream Within a Dream"

Robert Harris

"A Dream Within a Dream"


"A Dream Within a Dream"

Damn You Auto Correct!

Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories

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"A Dream Within a Dream"