I’ve Survived by Expanding (Part Three)

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

–Joseph Campbell

Giving Space

I had to become bigger than my depression.

How much space did my pain need?

Could I accommodate it?

Was there room in the guesthouse?

If there wasn’t, the guest never would’ve arrived.

The very presence of despair means you are strong enough, vast enough, to enfold it.


I had a vision.

I was the boundless vastness of space.

Within me floated bubbles of thought, emotion and experience.

I zoomed in on one, poked it with an inquisitive finger, spun it around, held it in the palm of my hand—then let it go and zoomed out as it rejoined its bubbly brethren.

Many, many of these bubbles contained pain…

                                           …and I just let them float.

I was boundless. My pain was not.

However big your agony…become bigger.

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