Self #6: The Crusader

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.

–Carl Sandburg

The Crusader

While my other Selves whine, blame, stalk, wreck and gab, The Crusader seethes.

It thunders against brutality, bullying and aggression.

(No martial arts for The Crusader—WWE violence is all it can handle.)

Its reaction is visceral and all-consuming.

The Crusader is a composite Self pieced together from the flotsam and jetsam of past pain, both suffered and inflicted.

It is a three-Self tag team, along with Guilt and The Victim.


Look at yourself!

The Crusader’s rage is a plea.

It wants me to see myself—to a) atone for past misdeeds, and b) forgive those who have hurt me.

The Crusader tilts at inner windmills, thundering against the parts of myself I loathe the most (“the Shadow“).

It shows me those parts—and invites me to be Whole.

When recognized, The Crusader becomes an ally, guiding me through the maze of my Shadow (“the valley of the shadow of death“).

At the end of the maze lies healing.

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