Self #7: Worry

I try not to worry about the future – so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time. –Tom Wilson Worry: The Elephant Worry is an elephant sitting on my chest.  Like all elephants, this one remembers everything. No failure, slight, or trauma escapes its recollection. Worries are residual ripples of memory. Weird thing is, our subconscious minds can’t tell the past from the future. To them, all that has ever occurred or will occur is always already here. All our past demons are kept in suspended animation, no… Read More

Vlad Skaletsky, Jr.

A Photographic Journey

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Killing Me Softly: Emotional & Psychological Abuse

Now that physical abuse is in the limelight and punishable by law, abusers have resorted to more insidious forms of control. The effects are just as destructive, more enduring, and more difficult to overcome.

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"A Dream Within a Dream"

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"A Dream Within a Dream"

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"A Dream Within a Dream"


"A Dream Within a Dream"

Damn You Auto Correct!

Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories

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"A Dream Within a Dream"