Self #7: Worry

I try not to worry about the future – so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time.

–Tom Wilson

Worry: The Elephant

Worry is an elephant sitting on my chest. 

Like all elephants, this one remembers everything. No failure, slight, or trauma escapes its recollection.

Worries are residual ripples of memory.

Weird thing is, our subconscious minds can’t tell the past from the future. To them, all that has ever occurred or will occur is always already here. All our past demons are kept in suspended animation, no longer alive yet not quite vanquished.

The venom of snakebites past still slumbers in us—and, when awakened often enough, kills us.

As past and future converge, the worry elephant sits on my chest and squeezes the air out of me. 


Here’s the other thing about elephants, though: they are friendly, affable creatures. 

Unless actively confronted, they leave you alone. Worst-case scenario, they approach you for a friendly pat on the head—or a banana.

You need not fear them—and you need not fear worry, either.

Acknowledge it. Give it a friendly wave. Feed it a banana now and then.

Better yet: hitch a ride on the elephant’s back. Use nervous energy as fuel to propel you. Burn it in service to your goals.

(Please don’t burn an actual elephant, though. That’s just cruel.)

Turn worry into an ally, and you reach your destination much faster.

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