Smile Fondly

In the end, the only way you can appreciate your progress is to stand on the edge of the hole you dug for yourself, look down inside it, and smile fondly at the bloody claw prints that marked your journey up the walls. Ryan Holiday, Ego is the Enemy

You Are NOT Your Pain

Depression is a cancer of the soul. Yet you are not it. No cancer patient is cancer. Depression is barnacles encrusted around a boat’s hull. After a while, they seem and feel like a part of the ship. But they aren’t. With effort, they may be scraped off, revealing the boat underneath. So with depression and anxiety and fear and doubt. You’ve worn it like a coat of armor. Now, it feels inseparable from you. But it’s NOT you. Take a deep breath.   Then, look at your pain. Hold it up to… Read More


Pick a tree. Now, look at it. Really look at it. Imagine being it. Imagine being a tiny acorn, a lifetime of potential encased in its shell. Imagine sprouting. Growing. Evolving. Imagine doing so effortlessly, without struggle or exertion. It is just you…unfolding. Every time you see a tree, trust this. Trust that you, too, are unfolding. Trust that you, too, are becoming who you are. Trust that your struggles are just growing pains, plus the occasional thunderstorm. Breathe. Trust. Unfold.      

Depression: The Only Way Out Is Through

THERE IS A DOOR. Gargoyles and gorgons and gremlins stand guard. The firm hand of trauma or brain chemistry or genetics shoves you through. The door slams behind you with a deafening clang. WELCOME TO HELL. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH. Gnarled, withered trees and weather-beaten rock formations greet you. Your own psyche, eroded and embittered and erased. Your memories after centuries of acid rain. You, you. Everywhere you look is you. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH. Step. Step. Step. Dead dessicated branches. Now the slurp-slurp-slurp of a fetid bog…. Read More


Breathe. Whisper this to yourself. Tattoo it on your heart. Breathe. Forget your tangled thicket of thought. Forget your confusion, and your doubt, and your fear. Forget all that isn’t you… …and BREATHE. In. Out. Hold. Repeat. Follow your breath through every step of its journey. Accompany it as it enters your lungs. Feel yourself expand, bigger, bigger, so much bigger than what troubles you. Hold it. Revel in its fullness. Then exhale… …and let go. Fill up. Let go. Repeat. Such is the rhythm of healing. Honor your pain. Honor your anxiety. But… Read More

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Killing Me Softly: Emotional & Psychological Abuse

Now that physical abuse is in the limelight and punishable by law, abusers have resorted to more insidious forms of control. The effects are just as destructive, more enduring, and more difficult to overcome.

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"A Dream Within a Dream"

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"A Dream Within a Dream"

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